to regulate relations with volunteers who have expressed a desire to participate in
Nature- Revive Service’s environmental projects

Motives for the development of regulations and elementary concepts

Nature Revive Service (NRS) professionally constructs nature-reviving models of suburban life, which possess a number of characteristic features:

  • the gardening of post-human wastelands and its transformation into flourishing oases: noocenosеs.
  • environment scientific and practical research and experiments on the formation of conscious evolutionary processes in man-made biosystems.

  • qualified legal protection of territories, kinds of activity, and participants of nature-reviving projects.
  • organsation of environmentally-balanced mode of life, self-sufficienсy, economically efficient management of the economy without the involvement of loans, grants or hired labor.

The organisation of an existance in harmony with nature attracts a significant number of "seekers", most of whom intuitively seek to find "a virgin-corner of untouched nature."

We know with certainty that a person cannot bring anything but harm to such a "corner". We are convinced from experience that "harmony" is possible only if a person recreates a legally and physically protected biosphere cluster, aspiring to be a masterpiece of landscape art, on post-anthropogenic landscape. This kind of art requires universal qualifications and is, in fact, a way of life.

Most of the applicants expressing an intention to participate in the activities of the NRS as volunteers do not realize the complexity, the responsibility, and the conceptual, ethical, legal and financial burdens on the shoulders of the nature-reviving projects organizers. The regulations are, therefore, designed to filter out inadequate individuals, so as not to confuse them with constructively minded and comprehended applicants.

Basic Provisions

  1. The main criteria for selecting volunteers is the applicant’s ability to delve into the essence of the problems presented on the website, and to respond in writing to a specific topic, for example: „Official Section“, „Charter“, „Practical Nocenology“, „Money“, „Publications“
  2. A person who expresses the desire to take part in nature-reviving projects as a volunteer shall write a declaration of intent (free of form).
  3. An obligatory condition for participation is an interview: internally for residents of the Central Federal District of Russia; interactive (via Skype and Email correspondence) for residents of distant regions.
  4. The decision to refuse an applicant is an internal affair between the members of the partnership and is not subject to arbitration or dispute by court.
  5. It is impossible attain the status of a volunteer for money, through patronage, "for the company", as well as by means of family or intimate relationships with individual members of the partnership.
  6. For each applicant, who has passed the selection, a legally qualified volunteer agreement is drawn up, which defines the conditions for stay, for participation in the organisation’s activities, as well as a number of adaptation procedures in full compliance with the current legislation.
  7. In the case of destructive, ethically inconsistent, or inadequate behavior, NRS reserves the right not to enter into or to unilaterally terminate the volunteer agreement.

Note 1

25 years of experience in contact with "seekers" has allowed the staff of NRS to draw substantiated conclusions that it is practically impossible to deal with a person whose consciousness is burdened with "personal problems“. „Personal problems“ are universal, and settling them requires a lot of money and hard work. If such work is not done, the unclean "body of obligations" prevents the transition to a level of creative (in our case nature-reviving) activity and condemns the applicant to posthumous immersion in the gloom of banal everyday life.

Municipal offices, notaries, registry offices, banks, religious organizations, an army of psychologists and a host of esoteric charlatans are engaged in services to solve "personal problems". These services are not provided by NRS.

The noncommerical partnership collective renders gratuitous services to the mutilated and energy-drained fragments of the biosphere on the post-human wastelands with the aim of construction elementary clusters of the noosphere - noocenoses, which are, in fact, evolutionary laboratories under the open sky.

We are interested in the carriers of constructive (not fantastical) intentions and ideas, physically able to put own effort in the implementation of their own nature-revive and evolutionarily significant projects.

Note 2

It is impossible to be employed by NRS. We do not practice hired labor; therefore, the charter provides legal forms not for „hired work" but rather for "connection to activities". Thus, the organization regulates relations with participants of nature-reviving projects on the basis of civil-law agreements. The flow of money: contributions, fees and mandatory social deductions, are carried out within the framework of the current legislation. The career growth vector is minimized following the trajectory: volunteer, intern, program manager (a full member of the partnership). Interaction between members of the partnership takes on the form of constructive anarchy; between project managers and volunteers it is a one-sided unjust despotism.

Note 3

Esoteric amusements associated with "spiritual practices“, “self-improvement," contact with aliens and ascended masters are welcome if they bring visible results in the implementation of nature-reviving projects.

Regarding non-prohibited behavioral anomalies members of the partnership practice connection to sleep-net, contactless improvisation and interlocal contraband of PTI phenomenа from nagual to tonal.