Since it’s creation money fulfilled it’s purpose as a „mark of honor“, which guaranteed the compulsory repayment of debts to one’s business partner, by either rendering in the future an equivalent service or returning goods of equivalent value to those for which the money was first exchanged. Wherever the commanding currency mass of „marks“ was accumulated and consolidated in the form of precious metals, money for all practical purposes lost its exact character as a “mark of honor” and instead turned into a powerful attribute in the redistribution of property rights. In order to avoid the exchange of great volumes of metal, a paper equivalent to these “money-marks” was created, issued by the holders of gold reserves in strict correlation with the amount of gold the procurer held in his reserves, and thus guaranteeing that the gold would be returned to the owner of such „tickets“ at his request. Soon after, however, the owners of these gold reserves changed their minds about paying gold in return for „paper“, and the gold equivalent by default became irretrievable, or more specifically, was abolished. Prices for gold acquired a speculative, market-based price, and the gold-equivalent in weight in its turn became an abstract unit used to symbolise the conditional value of „hard currency“. As such, money in its paper form turned into a semiotic instrument of the ruling economic processes: The USA was the first to openly issue these bank notes, which were not backed by anything, due to the depletion of its treasury by legal fraudulent schemes, which provide the base of the American economy. Masking the destructive mechanism of economic governing, at the core of which were the banks and Transnational Corporations, the State Department went on to “solve” the annual financial collapse by printing and issuing additional valued paper.

The economic situation grew in complexity, so that without the pillaging and ruin of third world countries the USA and civilised Europe could not exist. The USSR, aside from banking notes to the value of 10, 25 and 100 roubles, secured by national gold reserves, issued treasury notes to the value of 1, 3, and 5 roubles, backed not by gold, but rather by all property of the fatherland, which likely means all types of resources, spanning from natural to intellectual. With the fall of the USSR, all soviet „signs of strength“ were annihilated and the Euroasian continent was subjected to a massive intervention of the paper dollar, accompanied by cabbalistic European instruments, aimed at enslaving the population in a relationship of credit dependency, neutralising all systems of protection, restructuring the governing organs into obedient puppets, extracting all types of resources, taking possession of the markets and utilising all the privileges of a coloniser. The global economy, however, cannot hold out for a long time when based on fictitious pieces of paper, as they directly correlated with the appearance of objective distortion, disbalance, and pathological unjust mechanisms of wealth distribution between the subjects of law. When considering the entire course of history and the whole of humanity, monetary Kabbalah is rapidly losing its strength. The depreciation in the „power of money“ is visible in the hasty securitisation by means of „soft" and „hard" currency, in the decay of „bank-secret“ institutions and in the unashamed plundering of money from the accounts of any undesirable world oligarchy. In the 21st Century an unsightly truth has surfaced: that banks have lost trust, as they are not in the position to stave off the exterior encroachment into the savings of depositors.

The questionable Bretton-Woods system, which stabilized the world financial market, held up by the „honest word“ of American oligarchs, lost its prestige due to the ethical bankruptcy of the Démarche of de Gaulle in 1965. In its place arrived the evidently charlatan Jamaican System of free floating currency, a masked variety of the gambling business. In the stock exchange games ALL subjects of law are forcibly involved, from the unemployed to the government. It is, however, only the „institution’s masters“ who win. As a result, favorable conditions for endless intervention and speculation emerged, leading to the creation of paradoxical non-industrial profits, advantageous losses, bank blackmail, fictitious insurance and further economic mechanisms of world destruction, which belong to the global financial oligarchs. Deception has begun to reveal itself and the ground is now coming out from under the feet of the project’s organisers.

Having lost this valuable base, the very attribute in the governing humanity is rapidly depreciating, being that it was never secured by anything. Its magic precariously clings to a law package, which has successfully isolated mass consumption from the natural sources it consumes, saturated as they are with the necessary resources. The consumer, having no contact with the natural environment deals with global institutions, which act as mediator, and are saturated with infinite quantities of parasitical social niche. It is in such niches, that large parts of consumed resources come to settle and through which the largest sums of money flow. Thus, money isn’t backed by an equivalent in gold, but rather by the numbers of „believers in it’s ability“, which constitute the vast majority of the planet’s population. The most important characteristic of modern financial flows appears in the transition of these „symbols of belief“ from the category of „valuable pieces of paper“ into the category of „electronic phantoms“, which are supported by military power, and the political influences of the strategic issuing agents. The objective world-understanding clearly expressed in the prognostic works of Dennis Meadows, Albert Gore, Nikita Moiseyev, which attest to the fact, that the present global economic model is leading to the destruction of the biosphere and the collapse of civilisation, being reduced to a biospheric expedient level. The global oligarchy, however, is not capable of changing it’s course and transforming the hyperparasitic system of government even in the face of self annihilation. The mere fact that the financial mechanisms governing civilisation are in the hands of the „ethnical core of transnational corporations“, which condense within the territory of the USA, puts the responsibility for the misfortunes of mankind on their shoulders.

The agonising financial magic desperately fears exposure and thus expends massive amounts of resources on the fight with truth, in any of its manifestations. At any second, forces that do not allow an objective world understanding or the introduction of non-parasitical models of existance, electronic accounts of „unreliable“ persons or even entire countries, not in agreement with following the „American dream“, may be blocked. They are systematically shut out of the global systems of government, which control the distribution of global financial flows.

The referenced financial flows are distributed in the following manner: all money in the world is sucked up by the „vacuum pull“ of banks and ends up under juristic global mechanisms of government, that consists of inertial laws, woven from a myriad of formal tricks of legal charlatanism, giving advantages to the hypertrophic parasitical part of the planet's population. Following the appearance of developed informational networks, the governing server mechanism allowed blocks of financial information to lodge themselves everywhere (even in your computer and without your permission). The redistribution does not take place along the lines of market laws, but rather at the whims of the controlling system. On a global scale money expands according to the cabbalistic conditions under huge percentage of „pocketed“, corrupt governments. Such governments in their own turn degenerate their country’s population and natural riches with the help of imported fiscal standards, and send the „squeezed dry“ resource to the Master, by paying interest rates, acquiring „valuable pieces of paper“, created in offshore accounts and other various methods of capital outflow from a given country. Most generously are the global information corporations and program packets encouraged, making it possible for the world system of government to control every square meter of land, every individual, and the movement of every unit of currency. Not less lavishly are the secret service, military units, including artificially created „terrorist“ organisations, affiliated political parties, various opposition groups, the mass media, ideologically coloured genres in all aspects of art, the world drug trafficking industry, and various sectors of the demoralising pseudo culture also receive their funding in this way. Further, the well in advance planned out wars, aimed to extermination the ethnicities and political systems that do not readily tolerate the ruling system are also thus actively financed. A special article of spending capital is the hypertrophic „service industry“, which acts as an extensive area, where the primitive caprices of the cash flow transistors can be realised. As such we are compelled to affirm that there is an absence of any high quality conceptual content in the intentions of „holders of capital“. The common tendency of the world service industry boils down to the satisfaction of animal instincts and the worship of „world idiots”: Naturally, against the backdrop of the models of economic relation which is described in this text, both „markets economy“ and „fair competition“ take on a cartoon-like character. It is exactly this point that the enterprising dreamer must understand, if intending to earn money through his/her work, that is earn on honest terms.

Our organisation despite extraordinary legal hurdles and focused attempts of those interested in “neutralising” us, has worked out and implemented an autarkic model of existence with the nature-revive direction, against wich current system of government is obvious disadvantage to the biosphere. We are measuring the quality of global social apparitions not according to their financial and military capacities but their biospheric expediency.

From this point of view, the overconsumption of natural resources throughout the basic paradigms of business, on which the bank sector props itself, the activity of transnational corporations and the economy of fiscally oriented governments, appears as the intensive mechanism of annihilation of the biosphere, evidently dooming humanity to self-destruction. If earlier we fought to save humanity and hoped a nature-saving model of global economy, then now, having reached this level of world-understanding we consider the process of self-liquidation of the human race to be an evolutionary step in the overall development of the planet's biome. Humanity has not earned a bright future, mostly due to ethical motives. It is not in the position to fulfill the role of a constructive planetary habitat-forming factor and unavoidably will erase itself from the board of historical processes. In such a context money is a potential attribute in the de-adaptation and self-annihilation of „believers“. The process of self-annihilation and the absolute depreciation of "money magic“ is promptly triggered under the accumulation of a critical mass of the destitute, who will start to physically take from the well-off those resources which are necessary for both life and financial security until the biospheric balance is established. It is possible, this balance will only appear following the complete extinction of the humanity as a biological species.

Biosphere need a new, reasonable, evolutionary, post-human resource, a positive environment-forming factor, which is able to raise the world landscape to its supreme aesthetic grade, and turn the biosphere into a deliberate (conscious) evolutionary laboratory on a global scale.

Nature Revive Service works in this direction, creating noocenoses: evolutionary laboratories on a micro scale, where the economic aspects and to some degree money work as one of the supporting elements in the models of existence, filled with valuable world outlook attributes, that cannot be BOUGHT AND SOLD. These things can be distorted and sullied, but then they lose any value.

The secret of Nature Revive Service members’ economically effective occupation consist of the following:

1. We strive for a maximum amount of mutual relations not with people, but rather with natural systems, which we develop with our own hands.

2. We avoid the application of employees and prefer selfless, mutual help.

3. We have mastered techniques, allowing us to attain the highest possible professional qualifications and knowledge-intensity in the directions, selected for our work.

4. In any occupation we utilise a strategy of nominalism, starting from a tendency of minimal consumption, to research into legal schemas of minimising taxation.

5. When implementing any significant business project we establish specially adapted subjects of law, according to the current legislation (for the most part individual entrepreneur). Upon the completion of the project we pay all obligatory fees and liquidate lost actuality juristic instruments.

6. The organisation’s fundament is exclusively maintained through the contributions of it’s acting partners, without the assistance external capital, grants or state funding.

7. The stated system provides the possibility of accounting within the realms of the law, thus allowing the members of the partnership to reasonably distribute their financial resources, without any conflicts.

As such, we are able to realise our conceived project, however the brutal reality has taught us to limit our plans, because in our times one can only dream within the limits of a realistic budget.